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Information for college and university students.

Federal loans to students – an overview

Subsidized or non-subsidized federal loans for US students deposited directly to educational establishments for further depository to students as and when required. Continue reading

Private student loans – overview

Loans for US students provided by non-governmental institutions such as banks or credit unions with higher interest rates and higher borrowing limits. Continue reading

Types of private student loans

School-channel or direct-to-consumer private loans depending on school certification and risk taking on the part of the student and financial organization. Continue reading

Private student loans – fees, rates and interest

Variable as opposed to fixed interest rates, supplemented by origination fees which can be included in borrowed amount or subtracted from borrowed amount. Continue reading

Student loan consolidation

Post education, US Student’s can look to consolidate their student loans into one single debt. Consolidation offers more flexible repayment arrangements when combination of student loans are combined post-education. Continue reading

Scholarships and grants for higher education

Merit-based, need-based, student-specific or career-specific scholarships available based on prospective student meeting criteria. Grants awarded through federal government provided they support stimulation. Continue reading

US College athletics scholarships – overview

Athletic scholarships awarded and regulated by National Collegiate Athletic Association. Key precedent that awards made only if academic skills match athletic ability. Continue reading

Free application for federal student aid – FAFSA overview

Free application for federal student aid (FASFA) form required to be completed in order for prospective students to be enrolled in aid schemes for the duration of their education. Continue reading

Federal work study program for students

Program of employment to work simultaneously with education in order to help poorer students to be able to afford college education. Continue reading

Stafford Loans

Loan made available to students on proviso that it is guaranteed by US government and must be repaid in full should the student default on their chosen field of study. Continue reading